Is Apple ready for a revival in India? — Quartz

India is an Android nation, and no one knows that better than Apple.

Although the iPhone has been available in the world’s second-largest smartphone market since May 2011, it has failed to make a mark there. Initially seen as an aspirational status symbol among some affluent loyalists, Apple began losing ground to more affordable competitors a few years ago. Today, iPhones comprise less than 1% of the Indian smartphone market, data from market-analysis firm Canalys show.

“Apple does not have well-priced products to tackle the India market,” independent tech-policy analyst Prasanto K Roy, who previously worked with IT industry trade body NASSCOM, told Quartz. “Even at the premium range, iPhones are way over the price of comparable flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S10, and other popular brands have come into flagship territory such as OnePlus 7 Pro.”

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