HomePod mini launches in Austria, Ireland, New Zealand

Seven months after its US launch, the HomePod mini is now on sale in Austria and Ireland, and is listed as coming in June to New Zealand.

Apple has officially released the HomePod mini in three more countries, although the update to Apple New Zealand’s website has yet to be completed. That country now lists the HomePod mini as “new” on its main Music page, but users can only click on “View Pricing” instead of “Buy.”

Users in Austria and Ireland, however, can now order online. Currently the Austrian site says that it is not possible to collect from an Apple Store. The Ireland site does not have the same notice, but it solely offers express deliveries direct to the buyer.

In both Ireland and Austria, the HomePod mini retails for the equivalent of $120, or $20 more than in the US. When users can buy in New Zealand, the price will be the equivalent of $114.

The launch of the HomePod mini in these new territories comes as stocks of the original HomePod have finally sold out in the US and most countries.

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